Victor John Brown




November 14, 1921

Place of birth

United States




April 26, 2004

Place of death

Friends and Family

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Victor John Brown


Victor was born on November 14th,  1921 to Eric Brown and Audra Evie, and he had 3 siblings. Victor grew up in Boston, where he then attended Boston University Fenway Campus, where he learned sciences. He started his career as a Research scientist. He met Lory Miller at the university, where they fell in love and they got married on the 17th of Jan 1947. They were happily married for fifty-seven years. They are the parents of Dora Brown and they have 3 grandchildren, and 6 great-grandchildren. They used to constantly donate to charity and also were heavily involved in helping children with special needs. Victor is remembered for the depth of his thought and for his sense of humor. He showed compassion and love to all. Victor left us on 26 April 2004.

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