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Memoriz+ lets you turn memories into special websites where members can all take part in celebrating a person's life - during his lifetime or after the person has passed away

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Inspiring personal sites

Victor John Brown
Memorial Victor John Brown

Victor John Brown


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Elaine Brewer
Memorial Elaine Brewer

Elaine Brewer


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Jonathan Grinberg
Life Story Jonathan Grinberg

Jonathan Grinberg

Life story

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Unique features & services

Digitize your old media

Memoriz+ offers a digital conversion service for old photos, 35 mm, slides, videotapes, documents and more

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Write a biography

Share everything that's special about a life - everything that sets it apart from others

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Order a life story Podcast

Memoriz+ offers a production service of a Podcast covering your loved one life story

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Order QR code marker

Memoriz+ provides special QR code stickers allowing people to instantly access the memorial site on Memoriz+

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What our customers say about us?

We discovered an advanced and friendly platform for uploading unlimited documents, photos and videos in a way that allows easy and fast editing and sharing with relatives and friends.

The final product obtained is of excellent quality, it is user-friendly and allows continuity in uploading materials and presenting them without limitation in the amount of materials, including video materials.

The quality, efficiency and service were exceptional.

I highly recommend Memoriz+ to any person or organization that wishes to immortalize their loved ones digitally.

Yair Bar-Tov

Yair Bar-Tov

The Memoriz+ platform is addressing the basic human need of all of us - to remember the beautiful moments of life, and makes it possible to establish the digital memory site without any need for technical knowledge.

The establishment of the association's memorial wall was easy and pleasant, and the Memoriz+ team helped us with any adjustments required for the association, in integrating the platform with our website, and in comprehensive training for the committee and all members in using the system.

I highly recommend Memoriz+ to any organization looking for an easy and effective way to memorialize its members in the digital age.

Efi Ariel

Efi Ariel

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