Lacee Marez


Finally FREE!



June 15, 1988

Place of birth

United States



March 28, 2022

Place of death

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Chérie Naegele


Lacee Marez


As Lacee Danielle: I'm finally free from my physical cell. Listen closely - and you will see that I am finally free! Though I was trapped between heaven and hell, now that I am finally out, I wish you all well. For years I sat alongside despair and sorrow, Wishing freedom would come today or tomorrow. You see, I was not born like a sculpture nor rooted like a tree Rather I was born an untamed one - a spirit pure and free. No cage should have ever held me captive, no label should have ever defined me - I was flexible and flowing from my core-  with nothing set in stone and so much to explore! Then one day there was a cease to my sublime, no one, not even I, able to rattle the door To my mind. I was no longer a free bird leaping on the back of the wind, floating downstream until the currents end. I used to dip my wings in the yellow-orange sun rays, daring to claim the sunset along the way. Instead, I was locked in a narrow cage, seldom seeing through the turmoil my mind did wage as my wings were clipped and my feet were tied I couldn't even sing, try as I might. The song in my head was a fearful shrill of things unknown but longed for still. The tune in my head was the very one everyone knew of me, and my spirit could hear on the distant heart-horizons of my true family. There, caged within, I stood on the grave of my dreams where the shadows shout and the nightmares scream. I waited til it came, its name: FREE! Now I'm free - as free as I can be, Sailing on another breeze, riding winds soft through the whispering trees, naming the sky as my own. My wild is once again free - it is me - I am no longer locked inside - I AM the sky! I have spread my wings and am dancing in the storms - I am soaking up the rains and singing in new form! So, please, do not weep for me! I will forever be laughing in the sunshine and holding hands with my siblings, while we play tag with the wind - awaiting the rest of my family! I leave you with one last wish, Never stop adventuring - stay fearless! Stay curious and positive and wild, And above all else, Embrace your inner child and be FREE - BE free, like me! My name is Lacee Danielle, and I am finally free from my physical cell. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥      Lacee Danielle Marez, 33, gained her wings of freedom Monday, March 28, 2022 at Countryside Estates of Warner, Oklahoma.      Lacee was born June 15, 1988, in Shawnee, Oklahoma to the late Daniel Wayne Marez and Suzanne McCool. She was the oldest of five siblings, two preceding her in gaining their own wings. Lacee rode through life untamed and free in Oklahoma until she went on to claim the sky.      Lacee met Shaun Wadlow and began a family in the mid 2000’s until tragedy struck and caged her spirit – resulting in her two cherished daughters being adopted into another family where they are loved and cared for in Lacee’s absence.      Lacee professed her life to Christ during a summer visit in Kansas with her extended family and siblings. Many deep conversations about her life and relationship with Jesus were had up until a few months shy of her tragic incident. Lacee was always a free-spirit, beating to the rhythm of her own drum – making magic in her wake. Her giggle and grin were infectious and her heart was warm, generous, and compassionate. She touched each and every soul that ever crossed her path in some memorable way. This day she is hugging her grandma, happy dancing with Justis, cutting jokes with Domnyk, and being thunderstruck at paradise’s ‘scenery with her dad.      Lacee leaves to cherish her loving memory, a brother: Daniel Jr of New Jersey; a sister: Ariana of New Jersey; her mother: Suzanne of Oklahoma; grandmother: Debra of Oklahoma; Stepmoms: Chérie of Kansas and Annie of New Jersey; step siblings of New Jersey: Sarah, Samuel, and Timothy; step-siblings of Kansas: Isaac, Ciara, and Jacib; several aunts, uncles and cousins of both Oklahoma and Florida; several nieces and nephews of Kansas – and many faithful friends, as well.     Memories, prayers, sentiments, and photos are all welcome to be shared by all.     Let us remember her genuinely.

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