Jordan Davis
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September 6, 1948

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Jordan Davis

Jordan Davis was born in Vancouver, Canada on the 6th of September 1948 to Lena and Austin Davis.  Jordan has an older brother named Lucas. Jordan learned in “Sifton” elementary school, and when he was 9 years old his family moved to Miami, Florida in order to promote  Austin’s job. In Miami, Jordan finished high school and then was accepted to the University "Massachusetts Institute of Technology". Once graduated, Jordan started working in the technology industry. Lena (Jordan's mother) was a really good cook and she owned her own restaurant that was selling traditional Chinese food, she wasn’t Chinese but she fell in love with the Chinese culture, that’s why Jordan was a great cook as well, he would sit next to his mom while she was cooking and he would learn how to cook just like she did. Jordan met Sophia Jones back in high school,  where he fell in love with her.  They were married on the 24th of Dec 1969.  They are happily married to each other for twenty-three years. They are the parents of 2 children: Amanda, the younger sister, and Charlie, the older brother.  Today they're also happy grandparents of five grandchildren; and nine great-grandchildren. Jordan devoted himself to his family and they bring him lots of joy.  Jordan is a very wise and intelligent man who also always shows compassion and love to everyone around him.

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