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SPL - We remember

SPL (Systems Programming Limited) was founded in South Africa by Len Israelstam in 1968. The first staff are John Gardner, Geoff Evans, Peter Jenks, Leo Tanchum and Margaret Jenks. Initially SPL provided services for the development of systems – promises to employ “the best” talent available and to provide them with great employment opportunities, translating into superior quality services for customers. This forms the basis of the “SPL culture” which will drive the company on a global basis into the future. Along the years various SPL companies were established across the world:  Israel (1977), Australia (1978), USA (1982) and South East Asia (Singapore, Hong Kong and Manila, 1983). The purpose of this initiative is to have a place were friends, colleagues and family can share memories of those that are no longer with us. Together with some general stuff of the SPL world, you can find the memorial wall from which you may go to each individual site and share your memories (text, pictures, video, everything...).